1kW Power Amplifier Module from 1 to 3 GHz in 5U Chassis

2170Empower RF is has released a new series of power amplifier modules that cover the 1 to 3 GHz frequency range and deliver 1 kW of broadband output power in a 5U, air cooled chassis. The Model 2170 is available in a compact 5U chasis and is built on a design architecture that has been a catalyst for technology upgrades from customers with diverse requirements from multiple markets. The Model 2170 provides excellent performance for end applications that include, but are not limited to, test and measurement, electronic warfare, and communications.  Customer specific product variations which can be leveraged from this baseline, 1 to 3 GHz platform include high power pulse applications for S-Band radar and multi-kW “scaled up” power combinations for L and S-Band applications.  

  • In addition to the size / power density breakthrough and the element of “portability” the module has some additional features:
  • Single RF input and output operating over the specified frequency ranges.
  • User selectable configuration and operation in three different modes  -  AGC (Automatic Gain Control), ALC (Automatic Level Control) and MGC (Manual Gain Control). 
  • Optional Filter/Switches for improved harmonic rejection can be specified.
  • Compact, lightweight and portable for easier maneuverability in lab environments or tactical deployments, upgrades for extreme environmental conditions.
  • Enhanced ruggedness using the latest in high voltage RF transistors (GaN).
  • Fast Electronic VSWR Protection providing safe and reliable operation during adverse load conditions.
  • Modern and multi-faceted Monitoring and Control (M&C) user interfaces, including a Web browser, TCP/IP Ethernet, RS-485 interface and a front panel touchscreen display. (Optional IEEE-488 GPIB interface available).
  • Self-Protection and Diagnostics throughout the system including currents, voltages, forward and reverse power, temperature and VSWR.

User interface capabilities of this amplifier that are standard with Empower RF’s next generation designs that allow the user to initiate remote management and diagnostics via an embedded web server, enabling network managed site status and control simply by connecting the unit's Ethernet port to a LAN. Using a web browser and the unit's IP address (IPV6) allows ease of access with the benefit of multilevel security. The control system core supports hardware encryption and runs an embedded OS (Linux).

Publisher: everything RF