Arbe Uses Keysight’s Radar Target Solution to Test its 4D Imaging Radar Chipset for Automotive Applications

Arbe Uses Keysight’s Radar Target Solution to Test its 4D Imaging Radar Chipset for Automotive Applications

Arbe has selected the E8719A Radar Target Solution (RTS) from Keysight Technologies to test their 4D imaging radar chipset for automotive applicationsRadar target simulation technology plays a crucial role in the design validation stage of radar chipsets and the manufacturing stage of radar sensor modules by accurately simulating real-world targets. The Arbe 4D radar chipset provides high-resolution azimuth and elevation imaging using a large channel array, proprietary modulation, and high dynamic range. To test a high-performance chipset with 76-81 GHz coverage, Arbe required a radar target simulator with exceptional millimeter wave (mmWave) performance.

The Keysight E8719A RTS met this need by providing a 5 GHz wide bandwidth covering 76-81 GHz automotive radar band and high spurious free dynamic range, which are needed for testing 4D imaging radars. The solution's distributed architecture with a small mmWave remote radio head enabled Arbe to integrate it into a mmWave anechoic chamber for accurate and repeatable over-the-air (OTA) testing.

As part of this solution, Arbe plans to take advantage of Keysight's unique U9361M Rcal receiver calibrator for simple and automated OTA calibration to accelerate test setup deployment and ensure consistency across multiple test setups. In addition, Arbe will be able to automate its test program using the KS8328A PathWave Test Executive for Manufacturing software and gain actionable insights that improve the overall radar module manufacturing process using the PM2288A PathWave Manufacturing Analytics software.

Dr. Noam Arkind, CTO, Arbe, said: "We chose Keysight to validate our 4D imaging radar chipsets because of their advanced simulation capabilities designed specifically for radar. By testing our technology from design through manufacturing with Keysight's Radar Target Simulation Solution, we assure that our chipsets provide the highest level of safety to OEMs and Tier 1s."

Thomas Goetzl, Vice President and General Manager of Keysight's Automotive and Energy Solutions said: "Addressing Arbe's latest test requirements is a great example of Keysight's commitment to its customers who are working tirelessly to enable the vision of autonomous and safe driving. Keysight is uniquely positioned to provide automotive radar test solutions from chipset to vehicle. This new RTS solution combines high performance with ease of use, thereby accelerating testing of 4D imaging radars."

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