NuWaves Offers In-House RF Design Services and Solutions for the Medical Industry

NuWaves Offers In-House RF Design Services and Solutions for the Medical Industry

NuWaves RF Solutions, a supplier of Radio Frequency (RF) and microwave solutions for military, government, and industrial customers, provides high-end RF and microwave design solutions and services for medical/healthcare applications. The company offers both commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) power amplifiers, as well as custom design services to meet various requirements for medical applications. NuWaves also employs its capability from concept to production, which utilizes an in-house engineering design and manufacturing team.

High-End Medical RF Solutions Offered by NuWaves

  1. RF Generator 
  2. RF Ablation
  3. Microwave Generator
  4. High Precision Power and Signal Control
  5. 30 MHz to 36 GHz Frequency Capability
  6. High-Speed Signal Reader
  7. High-Power RF Exciter
  8. SDR Solutions
  9. Graphical User Interface (GUI) Development
  10. Up to 200 W RF Output Power
  11. Health Monitoring Systems

NuWaves’ concept to production capabilities enables rapid development of RF and microwave modules. Their engineering design team and manufacturing team work closely to provide state-of-the-art performance and reliability. The ability to precisely control the output power at any time enables the designers to adjust the parameter on-the-go, a functionality essential for medical applications where vital signs rapidly fluctuate, requiring systems that can appropriately tune to match those requirements.

Moreover, users can also customize the interfaces provided for control and monitoring of RF and microwave generators to ensure excellent signal integrity and provide accurate medical records.

Customers can fill-in a form to provide NuWaves with details and requirements for their application. The company will get back to them to discuss further on the possibilities to conduct their design services. Click here to fill out the form.

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