DENGYO Introduces a Series of Transparent Antennas for Indoor Venues

DENGYO Introduces a Series of Transparent Antennas for Indoor Venues

DENGYO has announced the release of its Ninja Visual Light Transmittance Antenna (VLTA) series. These transparent antennas enables venue managers, system integrators, and mobile operators to improve mobile service within various types of venues cost-effectively without compromising aesthetics. The Ninja series' small size and unique translucent construction are ideal for indoor venues where aesthetics are a high priority.

The demand for wireless coverage and capacity is growing, especially for 5G, but architects and building owners are increasingly restricting the visual impact of equipment. The Ninja series of antennas is practically invisible, effortlessly passing planning reviews to improve wireless coverage in office spaces. These antennas cause minimal visual disruption inside a building or venue, blending perfectly with the environment.

"For over 70 years, DENGYO has developed leading-edge wireless technology," said Dohoon Lee, CEO of DENGYO USA. "From the beginning, DENGYO's philosophy has been to improve the human experience by harnessing radio waves. The times and challenges have changed, but DENGYO continues to innovate solutions like the Ninja VLTA that effectively forward human communication in an evolving ecosystem."

DENGYO has a history of deploying a minimalistic, clean approach to wireless solutions. The new series of tiny, hidden antennas covers multiple bands in locations where traditional antennas are not feasible, and numerous mounting options provide flexibility for challenging installations. 

The series consists of 5 products that operate at different frequencies:

DENGYO will be showcasing the Ninja Antenna Series at Mobile World Congress 2024 (MWC24) in Hall 6, Stand 6C74. Click here to view everything RF's complete coverage of MWC 2024.

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