Samsung Uses Skyworks SKY5® Transceiver-to-antenna Total Solutions for its Next-gen 5G Modems

Samsung Uses Skyworks SKY5® Transceiver-to-antenna Total Solutions for its Next-gen 5G Modems

Skyworks Solution, a global pioneer in wireless networking solutions, and Samsung Electronics, a world leader in advanced semiconductor technology have agreed on a strategic partnership to deliver SKY5 transceiver-to-antenna Radio Frequency Front-End (RFFE) total solutions for the next generation of 5G modem platforms.

Designed to enable seamless integration of 5G connectivity across multiple frequency bands and modes, while optimizing performance, power efficiency and design flexibility, this complete end-to-end solution supports the diverse requirements of 5G applications, such as enhanced mobile broadband, ultra-reliable low-latency communications and massive machine-type communications.

"The synergy between Skyworks' industry-leading RF front-end (RFFE) solutions and Samsung's cutting-edge RF & modem technologies will significantly contribute to the development of next-generation modem platforms optimized for 5G Terrestrial Networks (TN) and Non-terrestrial Networks (NTN) communications," said Joonhoi Hur, vice president of the RF Development Team at Samsung Electronics."

Next-generation Power Amplifier Technology

Our next-generation Power Amplifier (PA) technology is a breakthrough innovation that enables mass production and delivery of best-in-class low-band, mid-band, high-band and ultra-high band APT (average power tracking) 5G system efficiency for global cellphones. This technology leverages advanced design and fabrication techniques to achieve superior performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness. This next-generation PA technology from Skyworks is compatible with all major 5G standards and bands and supports dynamic power management and adaptive modulation schemes.  Utilizing Skyworks' next-generation PA technology enables global cellphone manufacturers to offer 5G devices that deliver faster, smoother and more reliable connectivity while reducing battery consumption and heat generation.

Skyworks' Bulk Acoustic Wave 2.0 Technology Enables Premium Mid-band/High-band

Skyworks' bulk acoustic wave (BAW) 2.0 breakthrough technology enhances the transmit and receive capabilities of mobile devices across multiple frequency bands. It allows for seamless integration of carrier aggregation, which improves network performance and user experience. BAW 2.0 technology from Skyworks is the leading solution for delivering high-quality wireless connectivity in a global market.

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