Syntonics Has Developed an Ultra-Wideband Sniper Projectile Detection Radar (SPiDR) for Military Helicopters

Syntonics Has Developed an Ultra-Wideband Sniper Projectile Detection Radar (SPiDR) for Military Helicopters

Syntonics, a provider of advanced innovative RF technologies and RF-over-Fiber systems for military, civil, and industrial markets, has developed SPiDR-Helicopter, an ultra-wideband “stealth” radar optimized to detect incoming fast projectile(s) of all types and alert the helicopter crew to the hostile shooter(s). Hazard sensing is also possible, for landing in Degraded Visual Environments and nap-of-the-Earth flying.

SPiDR stands for Sniper Projectile Detection Radar. The SPiDR-Helicopter has conformal, small, flat-panel antennas arrayed to surround the helicopter with a bubble of coverage. The two illustrations show the coverage concept and a concept for two (of many) sponson-mounted antenna arrays. Threats can be annunciated via existing threat warning systems such as the AN/AVR-2B Laser Warning System or Advanced Aircraft Survivability Equipment (AASE).

SPiDR-Helicopter Features:

  • Is lightweight and conformal for fuselage mounting
  • Senses 360° around the helicopter, from nadir up to a high elevation, for protection in all aircraft attitudes
  • Gives bearing to shooters
  • Integrates with existing threat warning systems, or operates independently

SPiDR-Helicopter Capabilities:

  • Enhances helicopter survivability, lethality, and awareness
    • Well integrated. Conformal antenna arrays mounted on the fuselage; central processing electronics
    • High performance. Detects 99.9+% of fast, incoming projectiles passing within 100 m; nil false alarms
    • Stealthy. Low-power, ultra-wideband, noise-like signal is LPI/LPD
    • Safe. RF exposure to aircrew and ground crew is significantly less than a cell phone
  • Avoids the shortcomings of acoustical or optical systems
    • Robust detection. Unaffected by noise, echo, wind, downwash, sunshine, lasers, far-distant shooters, unseen shooters, inaudible shooters
    • Ignores outgoing fire. Discriminates between incoming and outgoing fire

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