DGS has Developed RF Awareness Technology to Detect Drones and RF Anomalies to Enhance Military Defense

DGS has Developed RF Awareness Technology to Detect Drones and RF Anomalies to Enhance Military Defense

Digital Global Systems (DGS), an innovator and leader in wireless network optimization and critical asset protection leveraging rapid RF monitoring, demonstrated its RF detection applications for military customers with distribution-partner Excelerate Technology, at the International Exhibition for National Security and Resilience (ISNR) on May 21-23 in Abu Dhabi.

In the demonstration they showcased utilized DGS's RF awareness technology to detect drones and other RF anomalies, critical for enhancing military defense. Excelerate demonstrated technologies via the UAE Ministry of Interior's (MOI) largest command vehicle at the show, utilizing DGS technologies. The demonstration was available to see the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Interior booth located at stand 11-F20 at the conference.

"This was an excellent opportunity to showcase how our technology can rapidly detect military threats, such as drones and undocumented devices or vehicles that use radio frequencies," said DGS Chairman and CEO Fernando Murias. "From cell phones and vehicles to military weapons and other devices, RF Awareness enables our customers to quickly identify and locate potential threats. ISNR is the perfect event to showcase what DGS and Excelerate can do to help secure military operations in the UAE, across the Middle East, and beyond."

As a global leader in voice/data connectivity for government and first responders, the addition of DGS's RF awareness technology adds important capabilities critical to many of Excelerate Technologies' customers. In fact, Excelerate Technologies was announced as a DGS preferred distributor last September. DGS combines machine learning and a real-time analysis of signal characteristics to rapidly detect drones and other anomalous activity without the reliance on a library of known drone signals. Additionally, its technology is frequency agnostic, meaning transmissions can be detected and classified outside of frequency bands where drones typically operate. This ensures that drones that have been modified to operate outside the regulated frequencies can be detected.

DGS's Drone Threat Management (DTM) system can locate drones anywhere in a swept spectrum (70 MHz to 6 GHz) and classify UAVs in fewer than two seconds, integrating with third-party systems, such as cameras and radar; and the use of patented geolocation techniques to provide better accuracy and detect new and unknown drones without reliance on a signature library.

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