SemiGen Purchases New Fabrication Facility to Boost Current Diode, Passive, and Thin Film Capabilities

SemiGen, is an RF/microwave solutions company, that provides the manufacturing services and products needed to fill voids in your supply chain and manufacturing. They have recently purchased the former Micrometrics/Metelics fabrication facility in Londonderry, New Hampshire. The company will be relocating operations to the newly acquired facility which boasts over 20,000 square feet of lab and clean-room space, and accounts for a $2.5 million dollar facility and capability upgrade. The acquisition will enable it to offer complete RF/Microwave services and component solutions to their customers.

In addition to the facility, SemiGen also purchased much of the equipment that used to serve MicroMetrics/Metelics RF diode business. This equipment will find a new life augmenting SemiGen’s current outsourced fab capabilities, and due to redundancy of equipment, fixtures, and services, the company’s current customers can count on a smooth transition without any interruption of services.

One of the main benefits of the new facility is that SemiGen will be able to offer much deeper customization and faster turnaround to serve critical customer needs. These new capabilities will enhance SemiGen’s current, and future, PIN, Limiter, Schottky, Step Recovery, and Beam Lead diodes, as well as SemiGen’s Capacitor, Attenuator, Inductor Coil, and Thin Film services.

The closures of the MicroMetrics & Metelics locations in both California and New Hampshire have created a huge void in the Silicon RF Diode Market. An aging engineering workforce and older technology consolidations like this could hurt the companies that rely on simple silicon diodes to survive. Long lead times, price increases, and a loss of customer service creates an opportunity that SemiGen will step up to the plate for.

SemiGen will be hosting an open house of the new facility during the upcoming EDI CON 2017 in September.

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