SemiGen Acquires Thin Film Processing Experts, Ion Beam Milling

SemiGen Inc has announced the acquisition of Manchester (USA) - based thin-films pioneer Ion Beam Milling.

Ion Beam Milling is a 35-year-old manufacturing company that pioneered several thin film circuit processing techniques using innovative ion beam milling approaches. It has serviced the RF and microwave industry with thin film products and fabrication services which include custom and standard Attenuators, Filters, Heat Spreaders, High Power Resistors, Laser Diode Sub-mounts, Lange Couplers, Planar Chip Inductors, and Transmission Lines, to name a few.

To realize the synergies between the two companies, all Ion Beam Milling fabrication equipment and their entire staff will be transitioned into SemiGen’s 43,000 square foot facility in Londonderry, New Hampshire over the next 3 months. This modern facility contains multiple clean rooms including a fully renovated wafer fabrication area to support the additional product line. Jim Barrett, President of Ion Beam will be assisting in the transition of the company. While this plan is developed, there will be no changes in the business operations of Ion Beam Milling.

SemiGen is an RF/microwave solutions company that provides manufacturing services and products needed to fill voids in an OEMs production department and supply chain. It combines decades of experience with the newest technology and equipment to help OEMs deliver the highest quality RF devices on time and on-budget.

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