RF GaAs Market to be Worth USD 9 billion by 2022

According to recent Strategy Analytics report, the RF GaAs device market, has grown by more than 7 percent in 2017 (after showing show growth in 2016). According to the report, RF GaAs Device Industry Forecast: 2017 - 2022, the market is expected to push past the $9 billion milestone by the end of the forecast timeframe.

While a wide variety of commercial and defense applications use GaAs devices, the wireless market continues to be the dominant user of this technology. Mobile handsets will continue to define the revenue trajectory, but emerging 5G network deployments will contribute to future growth.

Despite the dominance of the wireless segment, the RF GaAs market has been notable for the breadth of applications using the technology, noted Eric Higham, Service Director, Advanced Semiconductor Applications (ASA) service. However, GaAs devices are facing challenges from other technologies and they are being commoditized in many of these applications. Future growth is going to depend heavily on LTE and emerging 5G networks, he adds.

The situation for RF GaAs growth in the defense market is different, according to Asif Anwar, Director of the Advanced Defense Systems (ADS) service. He believes, new defense platforms and major upgrades are reaching the production phase and while the radar segment will remain the dominant application, all the defense segments will experience growth.

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