OriginGPS Reveales IoT and GNSS Products at Embedded World 2019

This year at Embedded World 2019OriginGPS has introduced advanced new modules for IoT and GNSS Applications. The ORG1518-MK06, is a multi-constellational module that combines low power modes for extended battery life, 8MB built-in Flash memory, AGPS support for extended ephemeris improving position calculation, and UART+I2C or UART+SPI interfaces. But the icing on the cake is the ultra-sensitive integrated patch antenna, which easily switches over to an external antenna via an integrated RF switch. The ORG1518-MK06 is ideally suited for solutions requiring multiple antenna options, such as automotive aftermarket and agriculture applications.

OriginIoT Systems enable developers to rapidly develop IoT products with stackable add-ons, while all data is configured from the cloud, and no additional embedded code or RF knowledge is required. Addressing the global IoT market with faster data transmission and competitive prices, the OriginIoT NB-IoT/CAT M with 2G fallback will be suited to devices that are battery-powered and transmit data only occasionally, such as parking and agriculture applications, resulting in a very long sensor battery life, typically 10+ years. This new model will be released later this year.

OriginGPS is presenting its products with customized IoT and GPS demos at Embedded World 2019, Nuremberg, Feb 26-28, Hall 3, Booth 3-121.

OriginGPS partner, Gemalto, is also presenting OriginIoT demos at Hall 3, Booth 3-438. Gemalto's Cinterion LTE-M module is integrated in the OriginIoT systems to provide 2G, 3G, Cat1, Cat-M, and NB-IoT cellular communication.

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