MWC Barcelona 2020 to Focus on AI, 5G, IOT and Security

MWC Barcelona 2020 to Focus on AI, 5G, IOT and Security

This year, MWC Barcelona 2020 in Barcelona from 24-27 February. With the world seeing fast-paced growth in technology innovations and usage, MWC this year will focus on seven core topics that are set to define the future of limitless intelligent connectivity. We have listed the 7 Topics below:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With a market projected to reach $70 billion by 2020, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to have a transformative effect on consumers, enterprises, and governments around the world. MWC will explore the real potential of AI, how such a profound technological revolution must be managed and its impact on professional and personal lives.

Connectivity in the 5G Era

The 5G Era at MWC 2020 aims to highlight how next-generation networks will form the basis of wide-reaching value creation and economic impact. The event will see a broad look at the enterprise connectivity ecosystem, from implementation, to use cases, scalable platforms, business models, spectrum, regulation, and investment to the business and cultural challenges of working with new and diverse markets/industries. Realizing the full potential of global connectivity is both complex and challenging, but the opportunity is near limitless in its application and impact.

Customer Engagement

Customer engagement has been a key battleground for brands, service providers and governments for decades, but its evolution and importance has accelerated in recent years driven by the internet, mobile and then smartphones. Customer Engagement at MWC will look at examples across all industries, to understand how you can set the benchmark for customer engagement, retain and gain customers and grow revenue.

Industry X: IoT

Using a blend of new technologies like industrial IoT, big data, analytics, AI, robotics, 3D printing and machine learning, industries can unlock new revenue and engagement models with customers, employees and partners. Industry X: IoT will examine the challenges, opportunities, scalability and limitless potential of Industrial IoT and Digital Transformation.

Media & Entertainment

As the appetite and expectation for AR, VR and other forms of richer immersive content grows, the impact on networks, event venues and overall consumer engagement will grow, presenting huge challenges to everyone involved in these now intertwined industries. Media & Entertainment examines the challenges, the revenue models, as well as the relationship between consumption growth and network capacity.

Our Planet

The world needs, now more than ever, our sector to be a fundamental contributor to creating a safe, clean and equitable world for all. The Our Planet agenda will discuss the connected technology industries responsibilities to the environment and underserved people, including the unconnected and accessibility for the disabled, among others.

Security & Privacy

Recent scandals have eroded trust in the digital ecosystem. Coupled with the growing introduction and interest in legislation around privacy and the ethics of data usage as we enter the AI era, we are at a pivotal juncture in the evolution of the Internet. Security & Privacy analyses the growing responsibilities required to create the right balance with consumers, governments, regulators and industries.

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