Anritsu Launches New Control Software to Boost 5G Device Testing Efficiency

Anritsu Launches New Control Software to Boost 5G Device Testing Efficiency

Anritsu has introduced its SmartStudio NR (SSNR) environment for interactive GUI-based functional 5G device testing as a control software for the Radio Communication Test Station - MT8000A.

The SmartStudio NR emulates the network conditions and communication between the 5G network and mobile terminal to implement efficient functional tests, application tests, and software regression tests without users requiring special knowledge about complex scripting and communication protocols between the base station and mobile terminal. And also, by using an external control tool called SmartStudio Manager, it is possible to create and save operations of 5G device and SmartStudio NR as test cases to build automated test environments. For advanced users, SSNR also provides an interface to create IMS test scripts.

SmartStudio NR Supports:
  • Network connectivity tests and carrier aggregation tests
  • Power consumption tests and temperature tests
  • IP Throughput performance tests
  • Messaging/IMS Tests
  • Application tests using internet-connected test server and real application server

Development Background

SmartStudio NR is the natural evolution of Anritsu’s successful SmartStudio product line introduced for 2G/3G/4G. Anritsu has provided SmartStudio as control software of Signalling Tester MD8475B and it doesn’t need protocol scenario development.

With the rise of 5G there were two main issues:
  • Device complexity goes up dramatically, (5G-NR FR1 & FR2 complexity), massive increase of band combo’s, interwork requirements with existing standards, and so on.
  • With Release 16 many new vertical markets, besides the traditional smartphone, are expected to be established. In those new markets, many expert engineers are needed who should not need to focus on in-depth cellular network technology.

SmartStudio NR is specifically designed to address the above issues and make complex real-world scenarios simple. The end-user can create network and application scenarios easy and efficient without having an in-depth knowledge of 3GPP protocol and scripting languages. The intuitive objective orientated user interface of SmartStudio creates a real-world network scenario in the shortest and most efficient time covering 2G/3G/4G/5G radio technologies.

Based on the long-standing experience of Anritsu in cellular technologies the aim of SmartStudio NR is to enable the rapid development of new devices such as Smartphones, game consoles, medical devices, automotive, AR/VR, and so on. in even new vertical markets identified by 3GPP and beyond.

Product Outline

With a built-in state-machine based GUI, the SmartStudio NR control software simulates a 5G/LTE base station and core network. It uses the MT8000A 5G evaluation platform as a Call Box to implement the following:

  • Sub-6 GHz (FR1) RF cable connection and Over the Air (OTA) connection
  • Mm-Wave (FR2) OTA connection in combination with the unique compact shield box design
  • Changing cell parameters, DL/UL configuration and protocol monitoring (PHY/MAC/RLC/PDCP/L3) using GUI
  • Built-in SMS, PWS Center, and IMS server
  • Quasi-normal and abnormal simulation using network trigger

Target markets for this solution include, 5G Commercial Device vendors (Smartphone/ CPE/ Car OEM / Dashboard / Module vendors) and Network Operators. Applications include, 5G commercial device quality improvement support tool includes high IP throughput tests, battery consumption tests, IP based Application test (IMS, SNS).

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