5G Frequency Spectrum in Russia

What frequency bands have been allocated to 5G in Russia?
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Dec 2, 2018

Russia’s State Commission for Radio Frequencies (SCRF) has only awarded two of Russia’s four mobile operator’s spectrum to test 5G.

MegaFon was awarded the 3.4 to 3.8 GHz, 25.25 GHz and 29.5 GHz bands of the spectrum in July 2017 to test 5G. Rostelecom was awarded the 3.4 GHz, 3.8 GHz, 24.25 GHz and 29.5 GHz bands of the spectrum for testing 5G. 

The other two mobile operators in Russia - MTS and Beelineare are waiting for 5G Spectrum to be allocated to them.

Russia is also considering the possibility of implementation 5G- NR in frequency bands from 4400-4500 and 4800-4990 MHz. There may be few restrictions on 5G systems in 4400-4500 MHz band. But 5G in 4800-4990 MHz may be implemented without restrictions.

Russia has allocated the following frequency bands for 5G:

4400 to 4500 MHz (with restrictions)5G-NR
4800 to 4990 MHz (no restrictions)5G-NR
3.4 to 3.8 GHz5G (Details to be Announced)
24.25 GHz5G (Details to be Announced)
25.25 GHz5G (Details to be Announced)
29.5 GHz5G (Details to be Announced)

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