O-Pathfinder - The New Path Finding Solution

Nov 21, 2018

O-Pathfinder™ is a path finding solution by OriginGPS, that utilizes patented technology to provide everything you need to navigate remotely. The O-Pathfinder™ includes an embedded camera with proximity sensors, ground detection and laser distance sensors, which together allow the operator to scan areas and locate safe ground from anywhere in the world. It finds a secure path for troop deployment and training, and even for those seeking recreational activities. A small fire extinguisher and flame detectors to prevent small fires from escalating may also be mounted on the device. The O-Pathfinder™ communicates with a server via advanced cellular communication, so the distance of the operator from the device is not a factor at all.

Suggested Applications

  • Surveys in unsafe areas
  • Border control
  • Quick fire detection and extinguishing
  • Homeland security and police missions
  • Fun and games Benefits
  • Fully operatable and configurable from a remote cloud
  • Cloud-controlled 4 engine tracks
  • Camera output sent over the air for analysis
  • Proximity sensor for smooth navigation assistance 


  • Proximity sensor
  • Ground detection
  • Laser distance - GPS

The O-Pathfinder™ was developed by OriginGPS with the OriginIoT™. The app was built with the company’s patented IoT technology which enables rapid development of connected products without writing additional embedded code, while all data is configured from the cloud of their choice.


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