What are RG65 Coaxial Cables?

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Jan 17, 2023

RG65 Coaxial Cables are a type of coaxial cable commonly used for carrying high-frequency electromagnetic signals for telecommunications and networking. They are designed to transmit radio frequency (RF) signals over longer distances while ensuring minimal signal attenuation. These cables are therefore suitable for long-haul communication links and other wireless infrastructure applications where low loss and high performance is required.


The RG-65/A/U is a 950-ohm coaxial cable with an overall diameter of 0.405 inches and a voltage rating of up to 1000 Vrms. It has an inner Formex F conductor (carrying the electrical signal), which is enclosed by an insulation layer typically made of Polyethylene (PE). The insulation layer is then completely enclosed by 1 bare copper braid shield that forms the outer conductor and also provides shielding against electromagnetic interference (EMI). Finally, the structure is covered with an outermost layer - called a jacket - made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). The jacket protects the cable core from mechanical, moisture, and chemical issues.

The RG-65/A/U cable exhibits capacitance of approximately 44.0 pF/ft (144.73 pF/m) and signal attenuation of around 16 dB/100 ft at 5 MHz (signal attenuation of the cable depending on the frequency). It has a center conductor measuring 0.008 inches (0.20 mm) in diameter and an insulation layer measuring 0.285 inches (7.2 mm) in diameter.

Key Specifications of RG-65/A/U Coaxial Cables


Typical Value

Overall diameter (inch)


Characteristic Impedance (Zo)

950 ohms

Maximum Voltage Rating (RMS)

1000 V

Cable Capacitance (pF/ft)


Attenuation (dB/100 ft  @ 5 MHz)



Polyethylene (PE)

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