What is a Quadplexer?

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Jul 3, 2019

A quadplexer is a 5-port filtering device that splits one input in to four different outputs, each with a different frequency. It can also be used the other way round and where it routes signals at four different frequencies to a single port. A quadplexer enables a single co-axial cable to run into the feed of four different antennas.

This bi-directional device usually consists of 4 bandpass filters with different passband frequencies. Quadplexers are used in smartphones, radars and other wireless transmitters and receiver systems.

For example, a quadplexer can be used for a multi-band wireless system, which has four channels - 700 MHz LTE, GSM, CDMA / 1800 MHz DCS / 1900 MHz PCS and 2600 MHz LTE. A single antenna can receive the signal and route the 700 MHz LTE, GSM, CDMA signal to port 1 of the quadplexer, the 1800 MHz DCS signal to port 2, the 1900 MHz PCS signal to port 3 and the 2600 MHz LTE signal to port 4. This way a single broadband antenna can be used to receive four different signals.

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