What is LTE Cat 7?

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May 27, 2024

LTE Cat-7 (LTE Category 7) is an LTE user equipment (UE) category that defines the performance and specifications – such as data rate, power, type of modulation, bandwidth, etc. – of LTE Cat 7 UE. LTE Cat 7 UEs are based on LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) technology with support for a downlink data rate of 301.5 Mbit/s and an uplink data rate of 10.0 Mbit/s. They utilize MIMO (Multiple Input - Multiple Output) and Carrier Aggregation to deliver higher data rates, richer content, quality gaming experience, HD content anywhere, real-time video, and more benefits. 

Key Specifications of LTE Cat 7 UE



3GPP Release


Downlink Peak Data Rate

1 Mbit/s

Uplink Peak Data Rate

1 Mbit/s 

Maximum system Bandwidth

20 MHz

Device Transmit Power

23 dBm

Transmission Mode

Half Duplex

Number of antenna(s)

Power saving mode


Number of Downlink MIMO Layers



  • DL-SCH stands for Downlink shared channel,
  • UL-SCH stands for Uplink shared channel,
  • TTI stands for Transmission Time Interval,
  • PDCP stands for Packet Data Convergence Protocol,
  • SDU stands for Service Data Unit.

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