What is Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) Technology?

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Editorial Team - everything RF

Sep 19, 2018

Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) Technology is an ultra-low power wireless technology that transmits a high amount of data over short distances. It can provide a data rate of up to 1Gbit/s within a 10-meter radius for wireless personal area communications. The UWB data rate is significantly higher than the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies.

UBW operates over a wide frequency spectrum from 3.1 to 10.6 GHz. To ensure that it does not interfere with other technologies that operate in this frequency band, it has a very low power spectral density. This is very important and has been restricted to -41dBm/MHz by regulators like the FCC. This low power density is often lower than the spurious emissions from electronic devices which have been certified by the FCC and other certification bodies.

One advantage of this low power spectral density is that transmission using UWB are very secure. Due to the lower power density, they are very difficult to detect. Other applications of UBW include commercial radar systems, consumer electronics, and wireless personal area networks (PAN).