Vectria Technologies

  • Israel
  • +972 8-672-4459
  • +972-8-6726559
  • Shderot Hatasia 8, Northern Industrial zone Ashkelon 7867808, Israel

Company Overview

Vectria Technologies has vast experience enabling it to offer a wide range of products such as: Transmitters, SSPAs, Tuners, Receivers, Exciters, Signal Sources, T/R Modules, Beam Forming Networks, high power low loss as well as fast low power control/passive components (Phase Shifters, Attenuators, Switches, Limiters, Filters etc.), along with special components such as ultra wide band amplifiers, very low noise amplifiers, highly selective or linear phase shifters and multiplexers, and much more. Vectria Technologies is ISO-9001 approved, and is an authorized supplier for major military system integrators, as well as supporting RoHS directive whenever applicable.

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