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Company Overview

Genesis Microwave, Inc. is a combination of three other entities, Hybrid Assembly Resource (HARI), Genesis and Suntek Microwave. HARI began as a sole proprietorship in 1997 to assemble microwave components and sub-system assemblies, founded by Santiago Cutia, Jr. Genesis began as a sole proprietorship in 2001 to manufacture microwave components (Amplifiers, DLVA’s and SDLVA’s). In July 2003, both Hybrid and Genesis merged into Genesis Microwave, Inc. In January 2004 Genesis Microwave, Inc. purchased substantially all of the assets of Suntek Microwave, Inc., founded to market, design and manufacture microwave components.

Genesis Microwave, Inc. occupies over 5,000 square feet of Engineering and Manufacturing facilities in the Silicon Hills of El Dorado, California. They specialize in the manufacture of state of the art Microwave Amplifiers, Detector Log Video Amplifiers (Extended Dynamic Range and CW Immune), and Successive Detector Log Video Amplifier

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