Multifractal Semiconductors (Pty) Ltd

  • South Africa
  • Pretoria, South Africa

Company Overview

The upper mm-Wave frequencies, especially E-band, have been dominated by waveguide and GaAs front-end solutions. Moreover, waveguide solutions are too bulky for tight integration in small cells and MIMO arrays. Multifractal Semiconductors is the only company in the world that has developed single-chip E-band front ends in bulk CMOS, with the diplexer integrated directly into the BT package (eliminating waveguide diplexers and components from the BOM). As a result, their developed front-ends are 10x smaller, 10x cheaper & consume 5x lower power than competing solutions. Multifractal semiconductor will be the first company to enable low-cost high-volume fronthaul last-mile and small-cell links.

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