Intech Microwaves S.r.l.

  • Italy
  • +39 06 45683 104
  • Via G. Peroni, 400 - 00131 Rome - Italy

Company Overview

Intech Microwaves (in short IMW) is located in the industrial area of Tiburtina, named Tecnopolo Tiburtino, near the major companies operating in the Aerospace and Defence sector. The Company is Founded and Directed by professionals working in the field of Telecommunications, Defence and Space. The Skills are extended to industrial applications such as Microwaves, Microelectronics, and Automatic Test Equipment. The Company ensures the entire life cycle of the product, from the design to the production, installation and maintenance service.

IMW can develop commercial products as well as custom ones and is able to produce “build to print items”. The Team’s experience provides a resolution to solve components and equipment obsolescence in use and on the field.

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