• Israel
  • +972 4-770-7700
  • 7 Ha’eshel St. Industrial Park (South), PO Box 3358, Caesarea 3079504 Israel

Company Overview

infiniDome is a GPS Security Company which provides front-end cyber solutions protecting wireless communications from jamming attacks. Founded in 2016, it is developing GPS protection and resilient navigation solutions to defend UAV’s and vehicles from jamming attacks including its dual-use C-SWAP ‘GPSdome’ protection solution. 

GPS jammers are very effective in compromising safety and security in autonomous vehicles (in the air, ground, and sea) that are almost entirely GPS-dependent due to the extremely weak power of their signals received here on earth. Today, infiniDome’s products are becoming the preferred choice as GPS anti-jamming solutions for small-medium UAVs, Truck Fleets, and Critical Infrastructure timing servers, all applications that had no access to GPS protection before.

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