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  • Microwave Amps Ltd. Coates House 4 High Street, Nailsea, Bristol, BS48 1BT, England

Company Overview

Bristol has long been a center of world leading technology. From the Clifton Suspension Bridge to Rolls-Royce & Concorde, the City has long been at the forefront of innovation. Microwave Amps follow in this tradition offering over twenty years of experience in amplifier design. Our experienced engineering team use CAD tools and well proven manufacturing techniques combined with the utilisation of the latest advanced semiconductor technologies to offer the most up to date solutions to customer requirements. Our engineering team utilize three semiconductor technologies in our designs, GaAs, GaN & LDMOS. Each has advantages, and our experts choose the solution which best suits the application. Our products cover applications in the frequency range 20MHz to 20GHz, with power levels up to 2kW in a single module.

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