W. B. Walton Enterprises, Inc

  • United States
  • +1 (951) 683-0930
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  • 4185 North Hallmark Parkway, San Bernardino, CA. 92407

Company Overview

W.B. Walton Enterprises designs and manufactures a line of equipment that prevents the accumulation of snow and ice on satellite earth station antennas. The company was founded in 1946 by William Walton, Sr. originally to do electrical contract work for companies like Western Union, RCA, and Comsat. In 1979, William Walton, Jr., present President and Owner, took on the considerable challenge of fighting the harsher elements of weather that affect satellite communications. Since then, W.B. Walton has become the leading satellite company in providing quality products protecting earth stations during poor weather conditions.

W.B. Walton manufactures hot air De-ice systems for antennas from .6 meters to 32 meters and protects against signal disruption due to snow, ice, rain, and solar distortion in all frequencies and specializes in Ka-Band. With decades of field-proven worldwide customer support experience and customer-service orientation, the company is committed to providing products of the best quality backed by superior customer service and support. They also offer turnkey integration, installation, maintenance, and tech support services.

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