Radome Services LLC

  • United States
  • +1 (603) 670-1280
  • 866-800-9721
  • 155 Fleet Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801

Company Overview

Radome Services LLC was formed in 2010 to provide field services for all types of radomes (space frame, composite, dielectric, air-supported) for a global base of customers. Their crew can also perform antenna maintenance and assist with antenna installations. Having worked on all types of radomes and antenna systems on every continent in the world, they possess unique experience and skillset.

Radome Services works with a large customer base including U.S. Government, and commercial and international users to dismantle, inspect, repair, and maintain radomes and antennas. From dismantling and installation to routine maintenance and turnkey project management, Radome Services provides fully integrated radome services. Radome Services LLC now has over 25 employees based in both the US and the UK.

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