Competition Composites Inc.

  • Canada
  • +1(613) 599 6951
  • 251, 5th Ave.,, Arnprior, Ontario, K7S 3M3, Canada

Company Overview

Competition Composites Inc. is a leading manufacturer of composite materials and products for industries such as aerospace, defense, automotive, and sports equipment. Since 2002, they have provided superior service to our customers and have assisted them in achieving their goals in composite use and design. The company's product range includes aerospace-grade composite structures, panels, radomes, and components, along with custom fabrication and assembly services tailored to meet specific client requirements.

Their skilled team of engineers, technicians, and sales professionals have extensive experience in the composite industry and work closely with clients to provide innovative and durable solutions. Competition Composites is committed to sustainability and uses advanced composite materials that are lightweight and durable, reducing energy consumption and emissions during transportation and use.

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