FDS Italy

  • Italy
  • +39 031 610943
  • Via della Libertà, 5, 22036 Erba (CO), Italy

Company Overview

FDS ITALY is a Radome manufacturing company established in Italy by engineers and technicians with 15 years of experience in the composite materials and aluminum industry. FDS Italy has quickly become a benchmark in the development of protection solutions for Radar antennae, supplying over 260 radomes in its first 12 years of operations. 

FDS Italy has embarked on a path of constant evolution and improvement. This has been possible due to its customer-oriented approach, through which the most peculiar issues, variables, and cases have been fully understood. With its radomes, FDS Italy can offer excellent and highly-customized solutions for all applications, which can fully meet any need by dealing with any type of issue.

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