Cobham Metelics

  • United States
  • +1 (408) 737-8181
  • +1 (408) 733-7645
  • Cobham Metelics (Aeroflex / Metelics), 1012 Stewart Drive, Sunnyvale , CA 94085, United States

Company Overview

Cobham Metelics (formerly Aeroflex / Metelics) offers a full line of silicon (Si) and gallium arsenide (GaAs), germanium tunnel diodes, HBT amplifiers, resistors, inductors, capacitors, switches, comb generators and integrated devices. Products are available in wafer, chip and packaged form and fit for a variety of commercial, military, and high reliability (hi-rel) communications, electronic warfare (EW) and radar applications.  Their Metelics Hi-Rel division in Lawrence, MA, offers JAN-qualified TC zeners and hard glass switching diodes, current regulators, transistors and SCRs.

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