XMA Corporation

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  • XMA Corporation, 7 Perimeter Road, Manchester, NH, 03103

Company Overview

XMA Corporation is the world leader in coaxial interconnect technologies for passive RF solutions. XMA was created in 2003 with the goal to continue the legacy of Omni Spectra ®.  With a commitment to quality and a progressive focus on cryogenic, high frequency, and space qualified products, XMA delivers new solutions to our customers one connection at a time. 

Since the beginning, XMA has differentiated our products by mastering a resistive "thin-film" hybrid, a proprietary resistor that allows our components to perform under extreme conditions. This unique technology makes our components vital in cutting-edge cryogenic microwave solutions

Today, XMA offers new coaxial components made to disrupt the industry and advance RF technology.  We continue to create contemporary standard and customized solutions for some of the most advanced communications, quantum, and aerospace applications. For more information on our industry advances or to view specific parts, check out our website.

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