XMA Corp

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Company Overview

XMA Corp. was born in 2003 with the acquisition of the Omni Spectra® Connectorized, Attenuators, and Terminations products from Tyco Electronics, M/A-Com.  The XMA team, which includes several former M/A-COM employees, started the company, not only to revitalize the Omni Spectra® line, but also to manufacture the next generation of passive RF and microwave components.  This includes the addition of power dividers, combiners, directional couplers, and a variety of custom configurations. Since the beginning, XMA has differentiated itself by the use of  a proprietary resistive "thin-film" hybrid, a resistor that allows components to perform under temperature extremes, including cryogenic temperatures.  As a result, XMA parts are especially well-suited for commercial, military, and aerospace applications.

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