MWI Laboratories

  • United States
  • +1 (480) 363-1687
  • MWI Laboratories, 1002 E. Vista Del Cerro Dr., Tempe, AZ. 85281, United States

Company Overview

MWI is a provider of "Non-Destructive" In-Process QC, Laboratory QA, and hand held Radio Frequency testing services, and systems for rent lease or sale. They use a revolutionary Gaussian Beam Technology for testing composite materials from the “cradle to the grave”. These devices are used to measure the anisotropic / dielectric / magnetic material properties including; honeycomb, resistive films, radome materials, inspecting for defects and FOD. Their customers in the Aerospace, Automotive, Pharmaceutical and Food industries, have received a superior return on investment in the reduction of material waste, product testing, as well as increased production efficiencies.

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