• United Kingdom
  • +44 1223 859500
  • Building 7200, Cambridge Research Park, Beach Drive, Cambridge, CB25 9TL, UK

Company Overview

CRFS is an RF technology specialist for defense and national security agencies who need to understand and exploit the electromagnetic environment. They work closely with end customers, system integrators and international partners delivering technologically advanced capabilities that provide actionable RF intelligence, real-time situational awareness and enable spectrum dominance. CRFS has a global reach and a leading position in the US and Europe.

Solutions span the fields of spectrum monitoring, electronic warfare support, direction finding and geolocation, RF recording and I/Q data capture, and forensic wideband signal analysis. CRFS’s unique multi-mission RFeye ecosystem is a TRL-9 solution that is widely deployed by leading NATO nations and allies. Systems combine scalable hardware / software combinations, equally capable of operating standalone or sub-systems for critical land, sea and air missions.

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