Advanced Switch Technology

  • Canada
  • +1(613)384-3939
  • 754 Fortune Crescent Kingston, ON K7P 2T3, Canada

Company Overview

Established in 1992, AST has been providing the telecom industry with a highly reliable product at a competitive price with unmatched delivery times. The company's broad line of Waveguide, Coaxial & Dual Switches stem from its 40 years of microwave experience. Its patented "Quadrant Driver" uses high magnetic density magnets and linear coils for better switching efficiency. Its switches are Geneva latched to eliminate bounce at the end of travel and maintain accurate waveguide paths and have been tested to 1/2 a million operations. AST's switches have many standard features which else wise is considered "options" such as; air tight units (including drive head), 4 C-form contacts & no charge flange options.