RF Filter Digest | e-Book 2024

With the introduction of new wireless technologies, the frequency spectrum is getting very crowded. To ensure these technologies can operate simultaneously without impacting each other, RF Filters play a very important role. RF Filters are crucial in optimizing signal transmission and reception, selectively allowing desired frequencies to pass through while attenuating unwanted signals.

everything RF has published the 2024 “The RF Filter Digest” eBook to act as a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to learn about the current-generation RF Filters. RF Filters not only enhance the performance of communication systems, but they also ensure efficient spectrum utilization while minimizing interference. This eBook discusses the challenges involved with 5G mmWave filtering, high-rejection LTCC filter performance, the role of MMIC filters in developing next-generation systems, and the impact of BAW filters on 5G applications. The eBook also includes an exciting section that discusses filter design in the Cadence AWR design environment. The 2024 RF Filter Digest has been created in close collaboration with some of the leading companies in the RF Filter space. These include Qorvo, Mini-Circuits, Marki Microwave, Knowles and Modelithics.