Military Space Situational Awareness 2020

Military Space Situational Awareness 2020
  • Date: 3 and 4 September, 2020
  • Location:
    Virtual Event
  • Event Type: Conference, Exhibition

Event Overview

SMi Group are proud to announce that the 15th annual Military Space Situational Awareness Conference Virtual Conference will take place on the 3rd and 4th September 2020.

As the leading conference in Europe dedicated to space surveillance, this year’s forum will once again bring together key stakeholders across the military, government and industry sectors to discuss how we build a collaborative approach to space management and Space Situational Awareness (SSA), at a time when the domain is increasingly congested with active satellites along with space debris and junk.

Similarly, as new LEO mega-constellations come online at an increasing rate, avoiding a repeat of the 2009 Iridium crash remains at the forefront of all industry professionals’ minds, as we attempt to ensure that necessary and responsible space exploration and development can continue for years to come.

Key focuses include space debris, space surveillance and tracking (SST), space weather, the impact of new mega-constellations and international partnerships in space.

Featuring 120+ attendees – once again this year’s conference will provide unparalleled chance to meet and greet all the key players in this important domain and remains a key calendar date for anyone involved in the satellite sector.