• Date: 22 to 25 May, 2023
  • Location:
    Sheraton Grand, Bengaluru, India
  • Event Type: Conference, Exhibition

Event Overview

The Joint APEMC 2023 and INCEMIC 2023 on-site conferences on Electromagnetic Interference & Compatibility will be held from 22nd to 25th May 2023 at Sheraton Grand Hotel, Brigade Gateway, Bengaluru, India. The theme for 2023’s symposium is “EMC in eMobility” and it will recognize innovations and technology leadership through various competitions such as Best Symposium Paper, Best Poster Award, and Best Student Paper Award. The scope of the symposium will encompass the entire spectrum of electromagnetic compatibility, electromagnetic environment, and signal and power integrity.

This joint conference is being conducted for the first time in India by the IEEE EMC Chapter, Bengaluru, and the Society of EMC Engineers, India (SEMCEI). The symposium will conduct conferences, workshops, and exhibition that aims to engage and address the worldwide EMC community, primarily focusing on the Asia-Pacific region & the INCEMIC spirit to showcase the developments in EMC internationally.

2023 marks the 14th edition of the Asia Pacific Electro Magnetic Compatibility symposium & the 16th edition of the International Conference on Electro Magnetic Interference & Compatibility. It is a platform to discuss the latest research & development in the field of Electromagnetic Compatibility, and the opportunity to listen to invited lectures from eminent gurus in EMC and participate in workshops.