Counter UAS Technology Europe Conference 2024

Counter UAS Technology Europe Conference 2024
  • Date: 16 to 17 April, 2024
  • Location:
    London, United Kingdom
  • Event Type: Conference

Event Overview

Counter UAS Technology Europe 2024 Conference will be held from April 16-17, 2024, in MARRIOTT HOTEL GROSVENOR SQUARE, Grosvenor Square, London, United Kingdom. As small drones and UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) technology continues to proliferate, European armed forces and security agencies seeking to protect critical national infrastructure at home and also forward deployed personnel operating abroad. The European Counter UAS market is continually growing with new programmes and projects announced. This event will showcase the very latest technology in the market to ensure that European personnel, equipment, and infrastructure are protected from the proliferation of drones.

Why Attend Counter UAS Technology Europe 2024?

  • Hear from European Senior Leadership and Programme Managers on how they are utilising technology to combat UAS.
  • Meet and Network with international speakers from NATO and allied nations to discover how they are protecting their defence networks from drone attacks.
  • Listen to how innovative technology is driving advancement and enabling defence to counter drone swarms and attacks.

Meet industry solution providers to discover how to leverage their C-UAS platforms.