Interview with Matt Eiting from EM Research

  • Matt Eiting - President at EM Research

everything RF recently interviewed Matt Eiting who is the President at EM Research. Matt founded EM Research in 1991 with a mission to design frequency generation and conversion solutions that push the boundaries of performance and reliability.

Q. Can you tell us about EM Research? 

Matt EitingEM Research is over 30 years strong with a deep engineering design, build, and test team all in house. Our core is frequency synthesizers and signal converters, and making them meet the size, performance, and reliability the marketplace needs. Our major focus is happy customers. We focus on providing an exceptional customer experience and product.

Q. Can you tell us about your product portfolio?

Matt EitingFrequency synthesizers 10-50 GHz, fixed and programmable, with low phase noise, miniaturized packages, and fast lead times. We also offer a wide array of C, X, and KA up-and-down converters, LNBs, LNAs, and Transceivers. We even provide RF engineering design services for projects that demand a custom solution.

Q. Which market segments do you cater to, and which segment drives the most business? 

Matt EitingMilitary, SatCom, aerospace, and communications segments/ frequency generation ends up in many different markets.  

Q. EM Research is known for its innovative frequency generation and signal conversion solutions. What differentiates you from other companies in this space? 

Matt EitingOur differentiator from our competitors is our frequency generation product performance; phase noise, fast switch speed, and small size. Signal conversion again, best performance, linearity, low noise, low EVM. Best SWaPC in the market. Also key to our success is we focus heavily on partnering with our customers, they have direct access to our engineering and manufacturing experts which results in us delivering some of the best products on the market. I’m lucky and extremely grateful to have a superb RF engineering, manufacturing, and support team at EMR.

Q. Do you develop standard catalog products or do you develop custom products based on a requirement? What is the % break up of these two segments in terms of revenue?  

Matt EitingEM Research offers both standard configurable product lines, custom products and build-to-print custom solutions.

Q. What is the custom development process? How long does it take to develop a custom product once the user has frozen their requirements? 

Matt EitingEMR offers complete custom solutions when necessary either due to performance, functionality, form fit, or as an end customer driven solution from conception to pre-production to full production. It varies depending on complexity and how far out on the limb the technical requirements are. Could be anywhere from 3-6 months or 1 to 2 years. 

Q. Can you tell us about your frequency conversion solutions for Satellites and Space? What is different about these products - from a development and testing point of view? 

Matt EitingOur BUCs are smaller in size than our competitors, we have better phase noise and faster lead times. We have a BUC series that ranges from Ku, K, and Ka band. They each have superb linearity, low noise power and excellent gain flatness. We have a NEW broad band BUC that is unique because it covers a broad band from 27.5-30 GHz. This BUC offers a converter solution that drives the cost and complexity down to the L-S band modem.

Q. What types of Integrated Microwave Assemblies do you develop? Can you tell us about a couple of Interesting IMAs you have developed? 

Matt EitingWe have a Multi-Mission TCVR that is in an IMA. We offer both up and down conversions covering Ku-K-Ka sat bands in a very compact module suitable for defense-related platforms. 

Q. How does 2024 look for EM Research? Are there any new announcements or products on the horizon? 

Matt Eiting2024 looks very good with many of our products that were in development translating onto the factory flow for production. Stay tuned to EM Research we will be making another major product announcement in the coming months. Or you can call Nick Hicks at EM Research. He is our product manager working on the product, right now.