Optenni Launches Software Update and New Module for Antenna Arrays

Optenni Launches Software Update and New Module for Antenna Arrays

Leading RF design and software expert, Optenni, has released Version 5.0, the latest version of Optenni Lab software. Optenni Lab is a leading professional matching circuit synthesis and optimization software for solving all matching problems in the RF chain within wireless devices. It can be used to optimize broadband, multiband, multiport and tunable matching circuits for antennas, filters, amplifiers, switches, tuners and other RF components.

New Features of Optenni Lab Version 5.0:
  • Improved radiation pattern visualization: polar and Cartesian cuts, 2D pseudocolor plots, user plots, 3D plots and visualization of polarization ellipses
  • Subcircuits compatible with circuit synthesis
  • IC-compatible lossy inductor/capacitor models
  • Improved links from EM simulators to Optenni Lab

Furthermore, Optenni has also introduced a new product in the Optenni Lab family: the Array Module

The Array Module has the following functionalities:

  • Calculation and optimization of the array pattern using the array factor approach (ignoring element coupling) or full array analysis using all radiation pattern and S parameter data of the array
  • Canonical, interactively tunable solutions, using progressive phase shifts and several amplitude tapering schemes
  • Calculation of the beam scanning range (also know as total scan pattern) and its cumulative distribution function
  • Optimization of the array beams for beam direction, beam width, sidelobe levels, nulls, active reflection coefficient and total system efficiency
  • Optimization for the array matching together with the beam properties, i.e., considering the active element impedance
  • Support for dual-polarized arrays

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