Qorvo Introduces High Performance BAW Filter for Band 41 5G Base Station Deployments

Qorvo Introduces High Performance BAW Filter for Band 41 5G Base Station Deployments

Qorvo, a leading provider of innovative RF solutions that connect the world, launched a high-performance n41 (2469 - 2690 MHz) sub-Band 5G bulk acoustic wave (BAW) filter for base station infrastructure, small cell and repeater applications. The QPQ1298 BAW filter combines low insertion loss and excellent out-of-band rejection in a compact footprint. It is available now to support rapid 5G infrastructure deployments around the world.

The Qorvo QPQ1298 filter offers higher frequency and bandwidth required to deliver 5G high data capacity for rural, suburban and dense urban areas. It covers frequencies from 2.515 to 2.674 GHz and features greater than 45 dB near-band attenuation to meet demanding Wi-Fi coexistence requirements. The QPQ1298 is housed in a compact, 2 x 1.6 mm package that supports easy assembly.

Roger Hall, general manager of Qorvo's High Performance Solutions (HPS) business, said the immediate availability of this best-in-class BAW filter makes it easy and cost-effective for their customers to quickly roll out Band 41 5G. This is just another example of how Qorvo is committed to supporting n41 as well as other global 5G standards such as n77, n78 and n79.

Dan McNamara, principal analyst at Mobile Experts, stated that filtering has always been a key element to RF design in crowded spectrum, but Band 41 (2469 - 2690 MHz) is especially challenging due to the wide bandwidth and adjacency to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. High-performance filters with low insertion loss and steep rejection at the band edges are needed to allow the coexistence of cellular bands for 5G and Wi-Fi operation.

The QPQ1298 BAW filter is now available in production quantities, and offers the following features:

  • n41: 160 MHz Bandwidth
  • High out-of-band attenuation and low insertion loss, combined with excellent Wi-Fi rejection
  • Compact, surface-mount design: 2.00 x 1.60 x 0.73 mm
  • RoHS Compliant, Pb-Free

The global deployment of 5G networks is driving demand for Qorvo's high-performance RF solutions, including GaN high-power amplifiers and GaAs front-end modules (FEMs). Qorvo's 5G portfolio offers the efficiency, reliability and compact size needed for base station manufacturers and network operators to increase capacity and expand coverage. It also provides complete solutions for new 5G smartphones, including low-band, mid-high and ultra-high-band FEMs; transmit-receive modules; and antenna control solutions that enable innovative new designs, enhanced performance and faster time to market.

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