PCTEL Releases mmWave Transmitter for 5G In-Building Network Design and Testing

PCTEL Releases mmWave Transmitter for 5G In-Building Network Design and Testing

PCTEL Inc, a global provider of wireless technology, announced its new TX2440 mmWave Transmitter, a portable Continuous Wave (CW) transmitter for in-building and outdoor 5G network design. 5G mmWave networks have unique propagation and reflection characteristics, making coverage difficult to predict. The PCTEL TX2440 transmitter mimics the propagation profiles of 5G mmWave signals, enabling real-world coverage testing prior to deployment. With data from CW testing, engineers can efficiently plan and design in-building and outdoor networks, reducing the cost of delivering effective 5G coverage.

Rishi Bharadwaj, PCTEL’s Chief Operating Officer feel that as demand for 5G service continues to rise, network engineers need tools that can help them expand the 5G footprint to key venues and other high-density environments. He also mentioned that the TX2440 transmitter reinforces PCTEL’s leadership in the 5G market with a new test and measurement solution that makes it easier for mobile network operators and venue owners to deploy mmWave 5G coverage with confidence.

Key features of the TX2440 mmWave Transmitter:

  • User-selectable 24-40 GHz transmission
  • Small, lightweight form factor
  • High-performance mmWave antennas
  • Up to 5 hours continuous transmission with the optional hot-swappable battery pack system

During CW testing, signals from the TX2440 transmitter can be accurately measured using a portable PCTEL HBflex scanning receiver. PCTEL’s SeeHawk data collection and reporting software enables users to view coverage data immediately or easily export it to leading network design and post-processing tools. HBflex scanning receivers and SeeHawk software can also be used to test 5G mmWave and sub-6 GHz coverage and signal quality throughout the network lifecycle.

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