Spark Connected Unveils New Qi 15W Automotive In-Cabin Wireless Charging Solution

Spark Connected Unveils New Qi 15W Automotive In-Cabin Wireless Charging Solution

Spark Connected, a global developer of advanced and innovative wireless power technology and system-level solutions, announced The Beast 2.0 – the industry’s first 15 Watt automotive in-cabin wireless charging solution that meets the latest Qi requirements.

The groundbreaking Beast 1.0 solution, certified for Qi v1.2.4 in 2018 with millions of units deployed worldwide in vehicles today, was the industry’s first reference design that was certified CISPR-25 Class 4, providing exceptional EMC performance in the market.

Spark Connected is continuing to pave the way in wireless charging for the automotive industry. Their newest feature-rich Beast 2.0 solution will help their customers to easily integrate the technology and significantly improve safety and performance.

The new Beast 2.0’s EMC performance allows customers an easy-to-implement solution that meets strict OEM requirements. In addition to its EMC capability, the Beast 2.0 also meets all requirements of the latest Qi requirements and it provides exceptional safety features and a wide input supply range that provides continuous charging even during vehicle stop/start events. Foreign Object Detection (FOD) is improved to increase user safety while still providing a flexible charging experience.

Authentication between smartphone and charger is an important feature of the Beast 2.0. Secured authentication contributes to device and user safety by protecting against fake chargers.

The Beast 2.0 is powered by Spark Connected’s optimized automotive wireless power microcontrollers based on key architectures AURIX and Traveo II from Infineon Technologies AG. These controllers help the next-generation in-cabin wireless charging systems to meet strict automotive safety, security, environmental and regulatory requirements, while still enabling exceptional charging performance and efficiency.”

Highlights of the Spark Connected Beast 2.0 15W solution include:

  • Latest WPC Qi functionality
  • Supports 15W charging for Qi certified devices
  • Supports fast charging enabled devices
  • Secure authentication between smartphone and charger
  • Unique coil driver architecture meets CISPR-25 Class 4 EMC requirements
  • Improved accuracy Foreign Object Detection (FOD)
  • Wide range 6 -19V input supply; supports vehicle stop/start
  • NFC/RFID tag detection
  • AUTOSAR support
  • Single Infineon Wireless Power Controller provides complete functionality
  • Supports future products and standards with field-upgradeable Pantheon software

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