MixComm Selects Spectral’s Embedded SRAM IP for it's mmWave Front End ICs

MixComm Selects Spectral’s Embedded SRAM IP for it's mmWave Front End ICs

Spectral Design & Test Inc. (SDT) announced that their second-generation Ultra-low leakage MemoryIP implemented on GLOBALFOUNDRIES 45nm RFSOI process is exhibiting excellent results based on data from several customers. Mobile 5G mmWave antennas are integrating the decision-making capability with RF devices resulting in highly efficient and cost-effective devices. Several Military and Aerospace companies have also adopted this IP to address their Low-Leakage requirements.

MixComm, a mmWave Antennas to algorithm pioneer, adopted this UVT SRAM to address its need for large amounts of beamforming data storage in their Summit line of 5G Beamforming Front End ICs. “Spectral’s SRAM technology allows us to deploy more storage in a smaller footprint, with lower power consumption, than a traditional register-based design without sacrificing performance,” said Frank Lane, Co-founder and VP of Engineering at MixComm.

SDT uses a proprietary methodology to analyze foundry provided bit cells for cell stability at extreme conditions including low voltage and aging effects. Low power retention modes are achieved by proprietary source biasing design techniques fine-tuned across operational voltages & temperature. “Using a combination of silicon-proven architectures and a robust Memory Development Platform, we can generate low power designs with the highest quality standards required by the most demanding customers,” said Deepak Mehta President & CEO of SDT. “As the market continues to adopt 45RFSOI for 5G applications, we continue to innovate and further reduce power based on innovations proven on silicon. MixComm continues to challenge us with low power requirements for their mmWave power-sensitive applications.” SDT will be exhibiting their 3rd generation Low-leakage Memory compilers at the GOMACTech 2021 conference.

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