New Spectrum Monitoring and Recording Solution with 16 Independent Channels from DC to 18 GHz

New Spectrum Monitoring and Recording Solution with 16 Independent Channels from DC to 18 GHz

Per Vices Corporation, an industry leader in COTS Software Defined Radio solutions, announced the launch of its new spectrum monitoring and recording solution utilizing the company's innovative high performance Cyan SDR platform. The new solution enables up to 16 independent radio chains, each with 1 GHz of bandwidth for monitoring between near DC and 18 GHz, and is interfaced with a data storage solution that allows for 4x40 Gbps of data transfer and storage. The combined RF, storage and playback solutions are implemented in a rack mount system and offer up to 100 TB of total data storage.

Victor Wollesen, CEO of Per Vices, said that by combining the power of Cyan with an external data storage system, they are able to offer a fully validated system for storage, recording and playback while simultaneously delivering higher bandwidth, faster digital backhaul, more channels and higher operating frequency. They are excited to be offering customers a new product that will greatly improve efficiency and provide significant value.

Using Per Vices' new integrated solution, engineers and system integrators will be able to:

  • Monitor 16 GHz of bandwidth at any time and have a storage solution robust enough to sustain full rate recording of 4x40 Gbps data interface.
  • Use multiple channels for spectrum sweeping while concurrently tuning in to signals of interest.
  • Customize Cyan in order to optimize multiple RF & DSP channels, FPGA resources and digital logic, RF performance figures, and amount of data storage required.

Per Vices' new SDR solution also offers significant value to governments and regulatory agencies, defense contractors, system integrators, and security companies.

Click here for more details on the new Cyan SDR solution.

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