SV Microwave Introduces Low Profile Cable Assemblies with Overbending Protection

SV Microwave Introduces Low Profile Cable Assemblies with Overbending Protection712370

SV Microwave has introduced SMA and SMPM LoPro (Low Profile) Cable Assemblies. The LoPro cable assemblies incorporate a unique ferrule design that protects the cable from overbending while maintaining the shortest distance from the front of the coupling nut to the back of the cable bend. They have cable bends that exit immediately out of the connector which offers good flexibility, more bending cycles, and greater usability. These cable assemblies are mainly used in Mil/Aero, phased array systems and Test and Instrumentation markets.

The cable assemblies provide phase matching of ±1/2° per GHz and are available with an overall length of either 6 or 12 inches. SV Microwave has expanded their offering of fixed length cable assemblies, adding four new cable assemblies in the LoPro series.

25 pcs50 pcs
Part NumberDescription/NamePricePrice
7029-3637SMA Male LoPro to SMA Male LoPro 6" Cable Assembly for .085 Cable$82.16$71.44
7029-3638SMA Male LoPro to SMA Male LoPro 12" Cable Assembly for .085 Cable$84.27$73.28
7029-3639SMA Male LoPro to SMPM Female 6" Cable Assembly for .085 Cable$71.30$62.00
7029-3640SMA Male LoPro to SMPM Female 12" Cable Assembly for .085 Cable$73.43$63.85

Features of the new LoPro RF cable assemblies include:

  • Immediate bends exiting the connector
  • Lowest profile on the market
  • Ferrule supports cable to eliminate damage
  • Permits ± 1/2° per GHz phase matching
  • DC – 18 GHz

The LoPro RF cable assemblies are suitable for use in applications that include connections in between modules, phased array systems and inside the box with tight spacing.

Click here for more details on the LoPro (Low Profile) RF cable assemblies.

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