ZTE & China Telecom Have Developed 1.8G & 2.1G Massive MIMO Architecture

ZTE & China Telecom Have Developed 1.8G & 2.1G Massive MIMO Architecture

ZTE Corporation together with the Shaanxi Branch of China Telecom, has taken the lead in completing the 1.8G & 2.1G Massive MIMO verification in the industry. The verification result shows that with the ZTE FDD Massive MIMO architecture, the capacity of 1.8G & 2.1G networks is 3.5 times that of 4T4R equipment in the same scenario. The single cell downlink data rate is 500 Mbps.

Featuring high capacity and an innovative architecture, ZTE's FDD Massive MIMO can satisfy the current requirements of 4G and 5G networks, and its architecture, core algorithm, performance and appearance are very different from those of traditional 4T4R equipment.

ZTE's FDD Massive MIMO equipment supports 1.8G + 2.1G dual-band provisioning, and can smoothly evolve to support dual-band 5G networks. With its 32TR antenna, users can also be accurately traced. Its fast beamforming can satisfy the requirements of continuous user movements. At the same time, the network capacity can increase theoretically up to four times that of 4G 4T4R equipment under the same bandwidth.

The FDD Massive MIMO test was conducted by the Shaanxi Branch of China Telecom and ZTE in the urban area of Xi'an to verify the performance of 1.8G & 2.1G Massive MIMO. The final verification was completed at ZTE's Xi'an R&D center. Furthermore, the system traffic and user experience performance were also verified.

Moving forward, ZTE and the Shaanxi Branch of China Telecom will work further to promote innovation efficiency and boost network performance. Both parties will apply the verification results into various scenarios to accelerate the commercialization process of FDD Massive MIMO products for better user experiences.

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