Airbus Selects L3Harris to Provide Power Amplification Modules for OneSat Satellites

Airbus Selects L3Harris to Provide Power Amplification Modules for OneSat Satellites

Airbus has selected L3Harris Technologies to provide power amplification modules for OneSat satellites operating in multiple frequency bands for next-generation software-defined networks. L3Harris’ Electron Devices Division (EDD) will provide nano Microwave Power Modules (nanoMPM).

nanoMPMs deliver high power, small package size, and unmatched efficiency enabling Airbus to meet tight power and packaging requirements, while providing reliability and flexibility.

The satellites are part of Airbus’ OneSat product line, the latest generation of fully flexible, in orbit reconfigurable, software defined satellites. OneSat is designed to deliver the optimal balance between performance, flexibility and competitive cost per bit, while maintaining product reliability.

Airbus currently has seven OneSat satellites in production for four major operators around the globe, each utilizing L3Harris nanoMPMs. L3Harris has provided MPM devices for many years to the military aerospace market. The company’s space heritage includes over 70 years of products, with 80 million error-free hours in orbit.

Don Rodrigues, President, Aerospace Products, L3Harris, said that this Airbus contract, along with their previous award for three satellites in 2020, establishes L3Harris’ nanoMPM technology as a key enabler for highly efficient power amplification for both geostationary and low earth orbit (LEO) applications. They are proud to be an integral part of the success of Airbus’ next generation satellites and the future of space-based telecommunications.

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