Infineon Releases 60 GHz Radar Sensors and Microcontrollers for Short Range Automotive Applications

Infineon Releases 60 GHz Radar Sensors and Microcontrollers for Short Range Automotive Applications

Infineon Technologies has developed radar sensors, microcontrollers and PMICs for a wide variety of products for an ultra-wideband, ultra-low power, and cost-performance scalable architecture for In-cabin monitoring systems (ICMS). ICMS are reshaping the concept of passenger safety in cars. Various applications such as left-behind child detection, driver well-being, or occupancy sensing increase road safety and protection in vehicles. Radar in particular is a promising technology to address these applications due to its ability to detect micro-motions and vital signs.

The XENSIV BGT60ATR24C AEC-Q100 radar sensors, AURIX microcontrollers and OPTIREG PMICs support the use of new signal processing techniques enabling robustness and a good compromise between computational costs, the degree of information as well as the power consumption of the system.

The XENSIV BGT60ATR24C radar sensor is a cognitive sensing solution with multiple transmit/receive for virtual array configurations, a highly agile modulation generation mechanism, automatic power mode configurability as well as simplified interfaces between RF and the processing side. Furthermore, the AURIX TC3xx MCU family combines performance with a powerful safety architecture. The family integrates a fast radar signal processing unit and enhanced security with the second-generation of the hardware security module (HSM). This includes asymmetric cryptography accelerators and full EVITA support.

This sensor-MCU combination makes Infineon’s 60 GHz automotive portfolio ideal for ICMS applications. In addition, the partnerships with bitsensing, a South Korean imaging radar technology start-up, and Caaresys, a start-up based in Israel, enables customers to accelerate their development cycle.

Dr. Jae-Eun Lee, CEO of bitsensing. Said that bitsensing’s MOD620, a 60 GHz system solution enabled by advanced signal processing techniques using Infineon’s Chipset Solution, offers a new level of confidence in safety for the automotive industry that demands excellence, reliability and unmatched intelligence.

Ilya Sloushch, CEO of Caaresys said that Caaresys’s CabinCare and BabyCare radar-based system solutions aim to make life within cars safer. By combining Caaresys’s expertise in algorithms and radar signal processing with Infineon’s high-performance XENSIV 24 GHz and 60 GHz radar sensors and AURIX MCUs, they envision making aesthetic and contactless vital sign monitoring in automotive a reality.

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