PCTEL Enhances In-Building Critical Communications Testing with Cloud-Based Reporting and Automation

PCTEL Enhances In-Building Critical Communications Testing with Cloud-Based Reporting and Automation

PCTEL, a global provider of wireless technology, has announced the launch of SeeHawk Central, a cloud-based reporting and automation platform for in-building critical communications network testing.

To ensure reliable indoor communications for first responders, local jurisdictions increasingly require building owners to verify compliance with strict radio coverage requirements using a grid-based testing method. The PCTEL public safety network testing solution, which combines SeeHawk Touch software with an IBflex scanning receiver, has transformed the way this testing and reporting is conducted by replacing manual processes with an automated system that saves time and money. With SeeHawk Central, users of the testing solution will be able to securely upload data to the cloud, automate workflows, expand testing operations, and offer value-added reports to customers through a centralized, secure online platform.

In addition to meeting the needs of a rapidly expanding user base of PCTEL’s testing solution, SeeHawk Central also makes enforcement easier for fire marshals and other Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs), who can receive instant access to standardized reports for buildings across their jurisdictions from a single platform.

Rishi Bharadwaj, PCTEL’s Chief Operating Officer said that SeeHawk Central further expands their application software offering through a next generation cloud-based platform, making it easier for their customers to conduct tests and generate the reports required to meet strict local building occupancy requirements. This will enable users of PCTEL testing systems to grow their businesses by delivering more value for their customers. He also said that in addition, their platform will also allow building owners and local jurisdictions to easily view reports and track annual re-testing requirements.

SeeHawk Central supports grid-based testing of public safety, private radio, WiFi, and cellular networks. It features an easy-to-use map-based interface that provides instant access to historical data, along with the ability to instantly generate and securely share reports with multiple stakeholders. With the ability to automate workflows remotely and automatically upload data from the field, customers can standardize testing procedures and save significant time.

SeeHawk Central will be available mid-Q3 2021 and will be sold as a subscription service that is scalable to support growth.

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